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We are the founders of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers (NAABB). Owner Scott Radin also serves as the President and CEO of NAABB. Recognized as the industry leader in business brokerage careers and services, NAABB currently covers 36 USA states and growing. NAABB has a direct philosophy of building relationships rather than walls. Most of the NAABB Certified Brokers are former business sellers and/or buyers so they have been there themsleves.



The Professional Business Buyer Network is a large group of business buyers seeking businesses with a minimum of $500,000 EBITA / cash flow. This powerful network allows us to represent mid-sized small businesses for sale. We currently have in excess of 2,500 professional buyers seeking oppotunity in North America. These professional buyers are private equity groups, investment companies and capital companies just to name a few.



UnderDog is the brainchild of company owner Scott Radin whom has unintentionally become a leader in reparing a businesses damaged reputation caused by online slander. As a victim himself, he will become your mentor helping you overcome a negative attack on you. Online slander cannot be removed and is protected by the Freedom of Internet Act. But there are creative ways to address it and leave it in the rear view mirror. Scott Radin uses his own experience to help you.



Acquirion is our expansive business financing network consisting of lenders for every situation. Business buyers can easily get themselves pre-qualified for financing and/or apply for financing to buy a business. The lenders are a cross section of SBA backed lenders, asset based lenders and unsecured personal loan lenders. Our sources fund business acquisitions, growth and start up development. Best part is that you will not get blasted by cold calls.



Our large YouTube Channel consists of a cross section of videos linked together on our NAABB YouTube Channel. Our YouTube Channel can also be found on YouTube's streaming service and top search engine results. YouTube videos are highly ranked by Googe for obvious reasons (Google owns YouTube) and we know the right production methods, optimization methods and driving traffic through social media. Our short videos are done to specific target audiences



The Market Share Acquisition Group is a network of business owners seeking to buy similar businesses to theirs thereby increasing their market share. Done under a strict shield of confidentiality, our skilled brokers expertly navigate the minefield in putting the buyer and seller together. Generally recognized as the best buyer of a business, the competion can also be a major troublemaker without proper seller representation. These transactions get done quickly and properly.


Our Practice


We do not mislead, misstate or otherwise stretch the truth for a project.


We only represent projects that we feel that we can help - no pressure.


We understand the confidentiality of certain projects where owner needs a discreet project.