Over 500 business brokerages and M & A firms set up across six countries

Ranging from M & A brokerages to a female business brokerage opportunity.

Design your own brokerage to seller coaching to an online business platform.

About A.S. Radin & Associates

Business Brokering Services Since 2001

Since 2001, we have been the industry leader in quality business intermediary services. We have a large intertwined network of professionals with one goal – to provide quality representation of business sellers. Owner and founder Scott Radin is known internationally as a business intermediary leader and his leadership has made his companies the place to go to sell a business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers.

  • Over 500 Brokerages set up
  • Over 2,000 Sellers Serviced
  • Over 30,000 buyers qualified
  • Over 600,000 in buyer networks
  • Over 5,000 seller networks
  • Advanced social and digital media

Our Brokerage Opportunities

M & Business Intermediary

Developed by business buyers and sellers, this M & A brokerage / intermediary opportunity revolutionizes the business brokerage / intermediary industry.

Joint Venture Brokerage

A Joint Venture with A.S. Radin & Associates. We partner together on your business brokerage. This is a complete turnkey program partnering with us.

Belladonna Business Partners

A female owned business providing business brokerage services, training and support for females looking to get into a business brokerage career.

Business Seller Coaching

This is an alternative to busines brokering providing a remote business seller coaching service for business sellers. Popular in COVID-19.

Envoy Virtual Solutions

As the licensed owner of an Envoy Virtual Solutions online business, you will own a turnkey and licensed online business business intermediary.

Business Broker Mentor

We allow you to design your own business brokerage training / support program. We cater our programs to each individual’s needs.


The business brokerage industry is filled with unethical brokers deceiving business owners and business buyers. Anyone who has contacted a business broker probably knows that already. The industry in whole has a negative stigma attached to it. In addition, the industry still operates without change and they are considered old school brokers. These brokers still rely on cold calling and canvassing and networking.



Our special Team

Scott Radin

Founder / Owner

Training and Support

Bethaney Bryant

Digital Media

Belladonna Business Partners

Sarah Odien

Social Media

Belladonna Business Partners

Now Hiring

Client Relations

Adminstrative Support



Buyer Beware

It was come to my attention that there are many attempting to mimic our system. While imitation may be the best form of flattery, people are being fooled by the imitators. There are at least three doing so in Texas, California and Colorado.

Buying A Franchise

There are many franchise opportunities in business brokerage. These franchises teach you old school brokerage techniques including cold calling and going door to door prospecting. And you be controlled and split a large portion of your commissions.

Working For A Broker

The cheapest way to get into business brokerage is by working for another broker. You become their agent responsible for your own leads development = usually cold calling or canvassing.And you will give up half of your commissions.

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