Owner & Founder of The North American Alliance of Business Brokers
by Scott Radin, Industry Leader & Leading Author of Industry Guides

Over 100 Locations Across The USA & Canada
The Industry Leaders and Pioneers in Business Brokering Services Since 2001

Welcome to A.S. Radin & Associates - Scott Radin Founder & Owner

We provide a myriad of support services for business owners, business buyers and business brokers. We are also the owner and manager of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers where we have over 100 locations across North America.
Formed in 2001, A.S. Radin & Associates has been a pioneer in business brokering careers and services.  In 2001, we launched the first independent network of trained business brokers that was subsequently profiled in Trump University's book "Entrepreneurship 101". Since then we have done large group seminars, launched the first business broker online training program and in June 2011 the North American Alliance of Business Brokers was born.

Owner Scott Radin has been training and supporting business brokers worldwide since 2001. Many of the brokers whom he has trained now do in excess of  $1,000,000 in annual commissions and other brokers whom he has trained have been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week to name a few. Scott Radin is considered a pioneer in the business brokering field and over the years his business brokering systems have evolved with the changing business climate.

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Contact the North American Alliance of Business Brokers - owned and Operated by A.S. Radin & Associates

NAABB & USA Headquarters

18 Breezewood Drive * Orchard Park NY  14127

USA - Toll Free (877) 841-2910

NAABB Canadian Headquarters

2458 Qu'Appelle Blvd * Kamloops, BC, V2E 1T5

Canada - Toll Free (888) 406-2221

Please DO NOT COLD CALL US regarding becoming a business broker with NAABB.  We will not return your call. Please use the careers area for contact.

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NAABB Owner & Broker Trainer... Canadian Program Director...

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Advisory Board...

  • Joseph Sexton - Territory Owner of 7 territories in TX & NM
  • Nancy Roy - New Hampshire / Vermont Territory Owner
  • David Young - MS & TN Territory Owner
  • Wayne Qualls - Owns All Of Alabama
  • Corey Sigvaldason - British Columbia Territory Owner
  • Scott Wilson - Cleveland OH / Akron OH territories
  • Joe Waters - Buffalo NY / Rochester NY territories
  • Jerod Bates - Boise ID territory